Port Hadlock wastewater System

Jefferson County, WA is developing a sewer system for the Irondale & Port Hadlock Urban Growth Area (UGA) to provide wastewater treatment for local residents and businesses. The sewer system has been identified as a critical element for increased regional economic development. When construction of the sewer system is completed, the Irondale & Port Hadlock UGA will be able to support affordable housing, medical facilities, higher density multifamily residences, senior housing, as well as commercial and industrial development. 



As a result of input from the public and generous funding partners, Jefferson County has designed a shovel-ready sewer treatment facility.

Port Hadlock Future Land Use and Zoning.png


The County is currently seeking the necessary funding to partially defray costs to the sewer users. Future work is dependent on funding availability. 

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Public Involvement

The Sewer Advisory Group - made up of local residents, business owners, property owners, non-profits, and local government representatives - was instrumental in the initial phases of this project. They will reconvene in the future once the project receives funding.